World of Rynaga

2013 Project Updates

Hey everyone, just wanted to provide some quick updates on what’s happening with World of Rynaga, Specimen, and me.

About Sea Child

Sea Child is a new adventure written and illustrated by Eric Torres and is the first in a series of books called Collected Legends. The story is set within the World of Rynaga, a growing world of epic stories, colorful characters and amazing creatures.

Iconica Players Corner

Fairewood Urchyn Spotlight

The Cirqus of the Three Moons Iconica series is our first Expansion Set. It features eleven characters hailing from the forest of Fairewood, a land of wanderers, performers and as it turns out pickpockets.

In the game of Iconica, the Urchyn plays the role of thief and disruptor. His actions are all about causing headaches for your opponent and setting you up for greater control over turn transitions. Here are some of his skills.

Party On

While some Iconica players play for the fun of selecting party members at random and experimenting with different character combos, others like to get their strategy fix and are looking for a more calculated experience. Iconica was made for both types of players. But this post is about how to build in more strategy at the outset of the game, particularly through choosing party members.

Rynaga on Instagram

That’s right, we started an Instagram channel for Rynaga.

Admittedly, I’m not the best uploader of quirky pictures, ironic memes and other such funny junk, but Instagram has become a new favorite past time for me. It’s a quick way for me to share what’s going on with Rynaga and then keep going on projects!

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